Tour Gorny Charysh

Hike into the wilderness and experience Altai culture

This trip is for you if you are longing for real wilderness of nature. If you want experience it, we will take you to the region of Gorny Charysh – the place that is still not often visited by the main amount of tourists. To see the stars without a lights of the city, to collect pure berries and to drink crystal water from the springs, to hike in the vast and gorgeous landscapes, to experience some birdwatching and meeting other wildlife – all of this you could do in this travel.

After the trek into the wild you could also see the historical footprint of one of the oldest cultures on earth in Altai ethno-park Uch-Enmek.


Next 10.08. – 22.08.2019

1900,- € per person

In a nutshell

Price includes: All costs for this tour. Details see below.

Focus: Trekking tour, Altai traditional culture, hiking in mountains

Difficulty: Medium-High

Nature: Rocky wilderness, lakes, steppe, mountain valleys and rivers.

Culture: etno-park Uch-Enmek, traditional altai dwellings, cuisine, traditional singing.

Tour: Radial tours

Duration of one certain track: 6 days hiking in average 10-15 km per day. Visit of the outdoor museum of Uch-Enmek.

Overall duration of the event (without flight): 13 days

This awaits you

From the capital of Altaiskyj region – Barnaul we will travel to the south of the region direction Kazakhstan to Gorny Charysh district. This area is not very often visited by tourists and that is why its nature is still untouched. You will not find here restaurants and big hotels. But staying in cozy guesthouse “Scythian valley” with all facilities and Russian sauna – before and after hiking part of the tour will make your trip more comfortable.

Then with our experienced guide Alexey Rotaev, who knows these mountains very well we will hike for 6 days into the wilderness of Gorny Charysh, to its mountain lakes, passes and hills. After hiking we will take you to central Altai, to ethno-park Uch-Enmek the place where the past meets us. There you could get to know Altai traditional culture – tasting traditional food, listening for nomadic singers, living in wooden houses – ails or yurts, visiting old burial mounds, megaliths and sacred hills of Altai nation. You could also take a ride on a horse through the sacred valley of Uch-Enmek – the place where indigenous people made their traditional rites and celebrations for centuries.

After a final day with Russian sauna the transfer bus will take you back to the city of Barnaul – to the flight back home.

What is expected from you

A vital health and some hiking experience. Standard equipment, a checklist below will help you to prepare. Good mood!

What you can expect from us

Professional and clean organization. A service as described in the contract.

The price includes

  • Everything except expensive alcohol and excessive consumption of alcohol

So, you can enjoy and stop thinking about costs and logistics.

Not included in the Price

  • Flight
  • Visa costs
  • Health insurance for abroad
  • Costs for extra/personal purchases.

We are happy to give advice!

Checklist for equipment (DE/EN): CLIENT Equipment Checkliste


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