How do I get to Russia?

Ideally by airplane. Most of the biggest airports offer flights to Russia. One thing is to be noted; almost all (Russian) airlines bundle their flights from abroad in Moscow or in St. Petersburg. From there you proceed with regional flights.

It is more convenient to book the flights from the very beginning at Aeroflot or Siberian Airlines (S7), as the change/transfer will be seamless and these airlines in most cases bring you to the destination

Use the ticket search websites. In most cases they have good, cheap packages.


What to consider while booking the airplane tickets?

The airport of Barnaul has the ID „BAX“

On the ticket search sites you can directly look up for the airport ID. Almost always the route is separated by one change as described above.


The standard ticket offers are in most cases without luggage. But, as you are travelling with a big back pack do not forget to add the option of luggage transportation!!!

Should you have different airlines, please consider each airline has it on max. weight and conditions!

But in general, the back pack should be far below the max weights regulations.

When checking in for departure, let the luggage directly be transported to Barnaul. So, you do not need to get it back while changing the airplanes in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Plan enough time for the transfer/change of planes

This point is also very very important! For changing the planes, consider a time slot of 2-3 hours.

Why? This is explained later.


What else is needed?

You need a visa. There are two options to get it… Via invitation by our partners in Russia, or you give your passport to a specialized travel agency which can open a visa from without an invitation by us.

We support you in this point.

After arriving in Russia and welcomed by our partners, you will be needed to be registered. This will be done by the partners and for this they need:

A copy of you passport
Migration-Card which you will get at the airport when crossing the pass control.

What is to be considered while the stay at the airport?

After Arriving in Moscow/St. Petersburg, get to the NORMAL EXIT; NOT THE TRANSFER. At the EXIT you will get the Migration card while the passport control. Put it into your passport and DON’T LOOSE IT.

Now you stay in the big entrance hall (Moscow airports). Most of the signs are now in English, too. In this hall, search for the big Departure Panel. Find your flight to Barnaul and remember the ticket counter number.

Finally go to the ticket counter and let you register to the flight to Barnaul..

In Russia there is also the rule that you should stay in the queue. Well, but not everyone cares about it. They then go on the nerves of the service-person with the sentence „I only have a small question“ which ends in half hours of discussions.
This is why you need to plan enough time for the change!!!

You are registered to the flight! Now, directly to the Gates. There, again a security check. But standard one.

The Gates are structured like a pearl chain but with different levels. Search for your flight and the respective gate.

Do not take it for granted that the gate is fix. Always have an eye on the panels and listen carefully. As the airports are very big and manage many flights it is normal that the gates changes several times.


Arrived in Barnaul. And now?

You have done it! The aiport is small. Get your luggage and look for our people. They will have a sign with “Pushtrail” on it.


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