Preparing for the journey

Q: What to pack into your backpack?

A: Each journey has its own checklist for the equipment. Click here to get to the tours and its descriptions.

Q: How do I get to Russia?

A: Check out this link. Everything is described here.

Q: Is it save to travel to Russia?

A: Yes, especially with our experienced guides. But for the case of need we recommend to get a travel insurance.

Q: What physical condition should I have to be able to hike with you?

A: There is no need to be sports master but it is better to prepare oneself, starting a few months before. Especially the legs needs to be fit.

Q: What are the rules and conditions of the travel? What should I know before coming to Russia?

A: Our checklists and the contracts are describing everything you need to know. Even a bit more as our special service. Each tour has its respective conditions and rules.

Q: What is included and what is not included in the price?

A: Is described in the contract. In most cases everything, except special needs and wishes, so you can relax and enjoy. 

Q: Food preferences?

A: Please tell us ahead what your food preferences are or if you have any allergies etc.

Q: What is the difference between trekking in Russia and Europe?

A: Well, the Russians want to reach desired destination. They take everything with them they need, walk a lot and fast and enjoy the reach of the goals. BUT OUR TOURS ARE MADE FOR EUROPEAN CONVENIENT. So enjoying the way, the road, the landscape, the nature. Sometimes stopping for relaxing and not for feeling hunted.

BUT, IF YOU WANT TO FEEL THE RUSSIAN WAY OF HIKING, write us. Everything is managable and organizeable :)… Please note, that this will then happen under individual tour conditions and not under our standard offers.


During the hike and the stay in Russia

Q: Is it allowed to drink alcohol?

A: Yes, but the consumption is limited during trekking and other activities.

Q: Is it allowed to smoke during the travel?

A: It is only forbidden at some gas stations, cafes or public places. But in general, yes it is allowed.

Q: What kind of wild animals could cross our way?

A: Russian woods are vast and animals have plenty space to dwell. Most of them are afraid of People, so it’s hard to spot or cross them. In most cases you see them far away or you meet a lot of birds, chipmunks and other rodents. Bigger animals, as told, far in the distance or in very vew cases.

Q: Is there Internet and mobile connection during the track?

A: Internet and mobile Connection is limited. During the hike in most cases you do not have any Signal. But the guides will always tell you a few days upfront when you will have the possibility to connect to the internet.

Q: What temperature and climate is during the tour?

A: Usually, during summer period the day temperature is about +20+30 and the night +5 +15. In August it may happen that at night it may drop to -5 in mountain region. But, this is normal for mountain regions.

Q: How large will our group be?

A: The group is about 7 to 17 persons including guides (depends on tour).

Q: Where do I get drinking water during the hike?

A: Mountain springs with clean, mineral water. We also have special tools for cleaning the water.

Q: How often are shower and sauna facilities provided?

A: Depends on the duration of the hike, the interval between shower facilites could be 1-5 days. We always provide shower and sauna facilities after hiking track. In the meanwhile… what is not nicer to get fresh in the most cleanest rivers and lakes :)…

Q: How many persons sleep in one tent?

A: 2-4 persons in each tent. 

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