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Altai mountains…Wild, free and endless. They lay in the very south of Siberia, near the border with China and Kazakhstan. “Altai” is translated as Golden land and it generously shares with travelers its natural beauty.

We invite you to discover this region in one breath-taking trip, where you will see the highlights of Altai nature and culture in 16 days during the warmest season in Siberia – in July. This time the sun is bright, and the mountains and valleys are covered by numerous wild flowers and healing herbs, the rivers are cool to bath and the snow lays only on the top of the highest peaks of Altai.


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2.500,- per person


In a nutshell

Price includes: All costs for this tour. Details see below. 

Focus: Trekking tour, Altai traditional culture, hiking in mountains

Difficulty: Middle

Nature: Rocky wilderness, lakes, steppe, mountain valleys and rivers.

Culture: etno-park Uch-Enmek, traditional altai dwellings, cuisine, traditional singing.

Tour-Art: Radial tours

Duration of one certain track: 6 days hiking. in average 10-15 km per day. Visit of the outdoor museum of Uch-Enmek.

Overall duration (without flights): 16 days


This awaits you

From the capital of Altaiskyj region – Barnaul we will travel to the heart of Altai  mountains.

We will see the village of craftsmen – Askat that settles at the bank of great altai river – Katun with emerald water.

Then we will take you to average mountain region of the valley of Karakolskye lakes – the realm of silence and pure nature, mountain meadows and plateu where we will hike for 4 days with basic camp at the first lake.

After hiking you will have a rest in etno-park Uch-enmek – the place where the past meet us – and get to know altai traditional culture – tasting traditional food, listening for nomadic singers, living in wooden houses – ails or yurts, visiting old burial mounds, megaliths and sacred hills of Altai nation. You could also take a ride on a horse through the sacred valley of Uch-Enmek – the place where indigenous people made their traditional rites and celebrations for centuries.

Afterwards you proceed to the high mountains of Multinskie lakes. There an astounding landscape will open up – with glacier lakes and at one of them a log house Russian sauna…

After a short stop there, the group will proceed deep into the mountains, where finally a base camp will be mounted for a few days. You could hike the mountains, picking wild berries and mushrooms in the woods and breathing fresh alpine air.

Several radial hiking tours to the mountaintops and high plateaus will be done…

During this time you do not need to bother about anything, except enjoying the time, to learn more about an old culture, train a bit of survival methods, to meditate and many other small things which could surprise you…

After a final rest in wooden guesthouse with Russian sauna the transfer bus will take you back to the city of Barnaul – to the flight back home.


What is awaited from you

A vital health and some hiking experience. Standard equipment, a checklist below will help you to prepare. Good mood!


What can you await from us?

Professional and clean organization. A service as described in the contract.


Price includes

  • Everything except expensive alcohol and excessive consumption of alcohol


This means, relax and do not worry about costs and organisation.


Not included in the price

  • Flight
  • Costs for visa
  • Touristic health insurance
  • Extra purchases of souvernirs etc.

We are happy to advise!


 Checklist for the needed equipment (DE/EN): CLIENT Equipment Checklist

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