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Following the Altai’s spiritual tracks of an old culture…

After such a long trip in the nature we were looking forward to get to the next part of our journey.

After the descent and the transfer with the Shishiga back to the civilization we proceeded to an open air museum, which is located at the beginning of a protected area.

This area belongs to the holiest place in Altai. The sustained valley, called Utch Enmek, contains hundreds of grave mounds (Kurgans), obelisks and other strange stone formations which obviously were created by humans.

But before we could see all this, we occupied one of the traditional housings of the Atlai people the “Ai’il”. This building is a hexagonal log cabin with a long stretched and steep roof. But such a design is more modern. The traditional basis for it reminds one of a Tipi tent, but made out of birch bark or thick cedar bark.

Similar tents you can also find in still existing native cultures all over Siberia, especially in the north. There such a building is called “Tshum”.


– Altais local kitchen –

In the evening a degustation of the local kitchen awaited us. Numerous of curious but tasty bits.

You need to consider that Altai-people traditionally lives from hunting and cattle breeding. So the kitchen consists of meat, milk and products made of milk, also the home-distilled milk schnapps!

During the following days we have learnt about how deep the cultural roots reach.

Inexplicable is the fact that people were able to build up these complex grave mounds with simple techniques.

And, the amazing finding is not the architecture, but the well elaborated function and that such a grave influences the local magnetic field.
More information about this you can find out yourself locally…

Also, we got in touch with the belief of the people. Though they are a “Turk” culture and in their perception they are the origin of all current Turk cultures, the people are still pagan.

They belief like the Vikings in the world tree, they have shamans and worship nature spirits.
In their legends the mother of the Turks is a wolf.

An interesting fact is that their year of one’s life lasts 12 years. So, the birthday is celebrated only every 12 years and after reaching the 60th year, people start to think about how to legitimate its life in front of the Creator.
After a life living with their family, raise its children and take care of grandchildren, they start nonprofit projects…

Well, and the rest you should enjoy personally!


Here some of our pictures to the telling…


Last part of our story coming soon!

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