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We are Russian people living in the heart of Siberia. Untouched forests, high mountains and deep historical roots are chapters of the almost untold story of our region. But these are stories which accompanied us the whole life. And now we would like to share them with you!

We love the nature and historical places of our home country. We hike a lot. We are interested in history and in old local habits. So we thought why not combining this and take you with us into a land of forgotten cultures and their beautiful nature.

Unlike to Europe travelling in Russia, especially in Siberia without knowing the language can be a cumbersome task. That is why we want to provide you with our service an unforgettable experience!

Speaking English, German and Russian. Knowing your expectation to have all organized properly. We set up a tour with most organizational comfort for you!

So, you do not need to bother about this and concentrate fully to collect impressions which you will not forget your whole life.

We will take you with us and show you the old, warm and deep Russian soul… Come with us and see!


Our Team

Nikita Ivonin 

Lives in Tomsk.

Nikita`s passions are sport and travels. For years before joining the Pushtrail team he tried different kinds of sport activities from power-lifting to mountain bike, jogging, freediving, orienteering, athletics, etc. After joining us Nikita accompanies tourists on most trips around Altai as well as participating in our exploration trips. His endurance, agility and good sense of humor are the best decoration of every trip. He also likes to make fun video stories about our travels.

Speaks languages: English and Russian.

Travel Experience: Altai, Baikal, Egypt.

Education: graduated in Journalism in Tomsk State University.


Denis Sherbinin

Lives in Barnaul, Altai Region.

Denis graduated in sociology at Altai state University and is a certified instructor since 2005.
But his organizational skills in hiking, ski (winter) and bike tours he started to develop since 2003.

Travel experience: Altai region, South Sayan (Ergaki), Zauluyskyj Alatau, Kusnetzkyj Alatau.

Speaks languages: Russian and German.

Hobbies: nature, travel, healthy lifestyle, be around with positive people.

“My passion is travelling in nature as I love nature. There are two reasons for me to organize tours. One is that I want to show people our impressive nature and country which remain positive mark in soul and body.
And nevertheless, while travelling you can meet interesting people and the dialogs with them are very inspiring.”

Denis has a huge experience as tourist instructor. Most of the track will be guided by him.

Maria Pushnaya

Lives in Tomsk.

Maria is a deeply experienced backpack traveler. Most Europe she already have seen. And everywhere where beautiful places are she is feeling at home. Now she would also like to share with European people the beauty of her “Mother”-country (as is it said in Russian).
She is a professional photographer, cultural researcher and costume designer.

Education: Cultural studies & Art School, tour-guide courses.

Travel Experience: Maria has vast experience in travelling independently in most parts of Europe (since 2005). But also Asia and remote parts of Russia, such as Karelia, Hakasia and Altai are well known by her.

Speaks languages: English, German and Russian.

Misc: As she studied culture, she knows a lot about old history and traditions of the region. As an employee at the ecological department of Tomsk region she is keen in flora and fauna of Siberia.

“Nature is for me more interesting than the life in cities. To get deeply in touch with the greatness of nature can only be reached the very wild regions. That is why I organize travels to different destinations from Thailand to Iceland. Always chasing the beauty of the nature with my camera…
A big passion is also archeology and culture of the past generations of Siberia and other regions.”

Maria will accompany you the whole tour. She knows a lot of regional legends and the history of the visited places. Also she will make nice photos of the tour.

Alexei Rotaev

Lives in Sentelek, Altai Krai, south Siberia mountains.

Alexei is a skilled tour guide with a lot of experience in trekking, horse-riding, sledging, survival techniques, carpentry and building.
Hobby wise he started with historical reconstruction of skythian culture (the heritage of Altai region) years ago and is now more or less professional in knowledge about the skyths.

Speaks languages: English and Russian.

Travel experience:  Altai, Hakasia, Kolskij peninsula, Europe.

Education: Alexei graduated in tourism on the Akademy of Barnaul.

“Journeys expand horizons. Journeys shape our vision about the world and ourselves. My real life began with my first trip. I decided to live in a place where every day will give a bit of travel to me and to others. Since then I live in the mountains and never regretted this, because here the journey of my life has begun. “

Alexei lives in a village deep in the mountains of Altai. He knows the nature and can guide you secure on the hardest routes.

Andrei Pushnoi

Lives in Tomsk.

Founder of Pushtrail. Businessman since 2013. Andrei has profound knowledge in economics especially in doing business on the Russian market. Since several years he works in a close partnership with All the time during the partnership Andrei and the Birkenleder team had the desire and vision to show somehow Europeans the beauty of Russia. So, slowly this desire shifted to an idea and at the end the result is pushtrail.
With the advice of Birkenleder and his own passion Andrei organized and is handling all the administrative stuff, marketing, communication with the client and the webpage maintenance.  The most important for Andrei is to satisfy the client and to manage everything in a way that the guests in Russia and the tour guides do not bother about anything. He wants that all enjoy the experience in his home country.

“I live in a city and every time when I find the time to hike I do it in Altai as I am impressed by its vastness.
When you are there, deep in nature, you realize that everything around you is alive… and you want to be part of it, you want to touch it, you want some kind of contact or conversation with it.
Finally I really enjoy long hiking trips and talks by the fire – there is something magical about it.
I always wanted to share this experience with other people. And now I think, I have this opportunity.”

Wladimir StoljarovWladimir Stoljarov

Lives in Wasserburg Inn.

Supporter and exclusive agent of “Pushtrail”. Wladimir was born in the former Soviet Union, but grew up in Germany. These two cultures affected him and are his motivation to bring Europeans and Russians closer to each other. His professionalism lies in client service and economics.
As almost everyone who lives in Bavaria, he loves hiking, the nature and the mountains.
His stimulation and passion are coming together in Pushtrail. He wants to inspire people living in Europe to visit, experience and to fell in love with Russia.
With a demand for perfect service he supports Pushtrail in client support, -advice and mediation.

Speaks languages: English, German and Russian.

Travel Experience: Altai, Bavaria, Austria, Italy.

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in economics. 

“Russia is not only big as a country but also in its generousity. It is beautiful and wild! This contrast I do not want to miss and am strongly connected to my roots.
These roots and this love to the country I want to share and to show to European people.”

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